Smart Factory Innovation – Die intelligente Fabrik

Unsere Klienten suchen innovative Geschäftsideen, junge Unternehmen und Startups für Kooperationen und Expansionen aus Europa und weltweit.

„BM Capital Munich – Business Technology Office“ is searching for entrepreneurs, start-ups and innovating business models providing unique solutions for smart factory challenges in the fields of:

#  Interoperability | Machines, devices, sensors and people that connect and communicate with one another
# Digital Twins | Systems that create a virtual copy of the physical world through sensor data in order to contextualize information
# Trustworthiness | Unifying requirements of Operations Technology (safety and uninterrupted operations) with IT security to ensure the reliable end-to-end operation of value creation networks and the lifecycle of their products
# Technical assistance | The ability of the systems to support humans in making decisions and solving problems, and the ability to assist humans with tasks that are too difficult or unsafe for humans
# Decentralized decision-making | The ability of cyber-physical systems to make simple decisions on their own and become as autonomous as possible
# Artificial, Virtual und Mixed Intelligence | Analyzing industrial data and self-learning algorithms
# Signal processing, understanding and analysis | Signals include images, sound, x-ray, and vibration
# B2B platforms for ‘Factory as a Service’ models | Offering, selecting, configuring, selling or renting new and / or used machinery. Offering, selecting and commissioning, as well as the management of internal and external production orders and, above all, production capacity on machines.

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